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Traces of the Trade
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Traces of the Trade
A Story from the Deep North

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Comments (5)

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I watched this after covering the hearings on HR 40 (for The Crisis magazine) and being impressed by Katrina Browne's testimony. So glad you made this and are making this journey, KB!

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An excellent, very sincere and powerful documentary, in its straightforward honesty and the self-reflection of some of the DeWolf family. The moment when the young girls in Ghana ask 'are you ashamed' was painful, beautiful and crucial.

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once knew an academic who wouldn't engage with any one of non-african decent who declined to hand over a 25 cent-piece to acknowlege the injustice that their own ancestors (directly or indirectly) visited on his ancestors of African decent. I liked that idea.

This is more than a ...Read more

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So glad I decided to watch this. The title and description cannot adequately convey the power of the brilliant presentation of this set of facts, a personal yet unbiased true story of the business of slavery in the US. The approach is unflinching and sensitive, yet there is no attempt to ...Read more

Anonymous picture

This was really good. I got a little teary-eyed at the end. Thank you for carrying this...and thank you to Katrina Browne for making it!