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That Man From Rio
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That Man From Rio
L'homme de Rio

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Comments (7)

Anonymous picture

Nope, this not 'Le Magnifique'. Lots of running. 2/5.

Anonymous picture

I had high expectations. That said (and we know it's always bad to assume) the film ultimately disappointed me. The plotline was executed like a 10 year old was given a box of action movie vhs and told to write a script. The action scenes themselves were filled out creative multi-modal ...Read more

Anonymous picture

What a superb movie beginning to end. He does his own stunts most of the time and well directed. Thoroughly enjoyed this movie!

Anonymous picture

Spielberg ripped off elements of this film to later use in Raiders of The Lost Ark. It's towards the end. You'll know when you see it. Great fun film. Images capture a particular time in Brazil. Beautiful.

Anonymous picture

Great movie in 1964 and now.

Kurt avatar

Incredible images from Brasilia during its construction. I saw the movie when it first was released and enjoyed seeing it again

Simon avatar

Classic adventure movie. I heard a lot about this movie growing up, but never got a chance to watch it until today. Glad I did... "La soupe est bonne, mon commandant!" :)
The movie borrows a lot from Hergé's Adventures of Tintin.