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Joe Leahy's Neighbors
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Joe Leahy's Neighbors

This film is the followup of First Contact. It traces the fortunes of Joe Leahy, the mixed-race son of Australian explorer Michael Leahy, in his uneasy relationship with his tribal neighbors. Joe built his coffee plantation on land bought from the Ganiga in the mid 1970s. European educated, raised in the highlands of Papua, freed by his mixed race from the entanglements of tribal obligation, Joe leads a Western lifestyle governed by individualism and the pursuit of affluence.

While Joe may live in Western grandeur, he is still surrounded by his subsistence level Ganiga "neighbors," who never let him forget the original source of his prosperity. Joe spends much of his waking hours just keeping the lid on things. Filmmaker: Bob Connolly, Robin Anderson

Running Time
110 mins
Nb videos
2 videos included

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Anonymous picture

Loved First Contact, but after seeing it again recently I missed a sequence I thought was in it in which the native New Guineans and the "visiting" Australians exchange language information so that they can actually start to speak with each other in the native language. I'm hoping this is in ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Fantastic story and film