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Farewell My Queen
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Farewell My Queen
Les adieux à la reine

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Comments (9)

Anonymous picture

Beautifully photographed & acted film (though highly fictionalized)about The Queen's Reader"; a young servant who reads to Marie-Antoinette & how she gets involved in a plot to save the life of her Queen's beloved lady-in-waiting Mdme De Poliginac

Anonymous picture

Enjoyed this very much.

Anonymous picture

Farewell my Queen is a lovely story told true too fact with the bugs and the rats since the land was a swamp it wasinfected with criters and i love that they made note of this and the bi sexual affair or just pure lust it was told very under the wire which i loved very much tjhe costumes and ...Read more

Graciela avatar

Settings, costumes and acting really good. Pity the script doesn't much up to it, it's a bit pointless and unfocused. Overall ok but don't expect a great historic drama.

Anonymous picture

I enjoyed this view into the household at Versailles—a more personal, private and provocative take than Sofia Coppola's. Diane Kruger was perfect, a study in regal iciness, intoxicated with passion, and aching with deep anguish. It ended somewhat abruptly for me - I wanted to keep watching as ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Fabulous film. The film deserves all the accolades it has received from professisonal groups. I can see the story has all the depth, beauty and full life of the historic moment depicted, which great literature has attempted to depict in Mark Twain's _Prince and the Pauper_, Dumas(?) _Man in ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Lovely film!

Anonymous picture

wow powerful;
glad I watched it

Anonymous picture

Cool movie, plenty of tension.