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Emancipation Road

Emancipation Road
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Emancipation Road: 1625-1863 - The Shadows of Slavery
This first episode takes a look into the history of slavery in the United States, from the beginnings of the Atlantic slave trade to the Civil War.
Emancipation Road: 1863-1870 - The Emancipation Proclamation
Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation and its effect on the end of the Civil War, the Reconstruction era in the South, and the eventual Constitutional amendments passed to protect it.
Emancipation Road: 1870-1909 - Separate But Equal
An examination of African-American life through the end of the 19th Century, and the disparity that divided society into "separate but equal" facilities.
Emancipation Road: 1909-WWII - Regardless of the Color of One's Skin
Beginning with the founding of the NAACP, this episode examines the societal changes that helped accelerate African American advancement in the early 20th Century.
Emancipation Road: 1945-1963 - The Double Victory
African American soldiers celebrated a double victory: Defeat of the Axis powers, and greater acceptance in the military following their devoted service. On the home front, however, the stage was…
Emancipation Road: 1963-1968 - The Civil Rights Era
A look at the protests, demonstrations, and prominent figures of the Civil Rights Movement that finally ended segregation in the United States.
Emancipation Road: 1968-Today - Heroes of Hope
This final episode looks at some of the groundbreaking African American heroes in the years following the Civil Rights movement, up through President Barack Obama.